Friday, January 6, 2017

Day of existance

No messing around. None shall be had.

Well. Im now at that point in my life, where i can look back at the past 10 years of my life and see my self to have changed.

Rampant aimlessness. Requested mediocreness. Fear of too much. No fears at all.

So, im nearly just obsessed.

It was kinda scary being the new kid in school. But by the time i finished elementary school, it was at least the fourth school id ever attented.

[EDIT: So, i never made long term friends too much. By the time one is 9, your personality is said to be set.

I wont say much but, this post is for Mr. Roque Anderson, who supported me by buying 2 of my paintings, gifting me an art magazine 1 yr subscription, and always encouraging me with kind words.

today is my birthday].


I love new things. I love change, on the grand scheme of things, ok, sounds like i love Progress. Any change is welcome. Just like, being alive. Ill take whatever comes. Im gonna die anyway! Haha! An often avoided subject

Its OK. Be gratefuk you existed at all.
Dont mess it up! JK. Do what you will.

[EDIT: Sorry this got morbid. Death is difficult to deal with].

Im working on a new website. only makes me (want to) work on new art, and dislike everything i have ever attempted. my previous art, just isnt enough, its not good enough. It never is

I got to exchange  a few messages with one of my favorite artists the other night.
Gregory Jacobsen. I asked him some questions. He had an ask me questions session on the instagram app. He said he usually has about 7 paintings that are unfinished, that hes working on finishing. And the oldest one is only about six months old!

Kids; dont compare yourself to others. Well, certainly dont use the information to feel bad. Dont do that.

I have at least 20 unfinished paintings. And thats just what i dont have hidden away in stacks somewhere.

You are the best. The motherfucking best.

I went to see mangchi, and it was the best thing ever.
Also, thank you for the commments on my last post.

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