Thursday, May 9, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Watercolor Pitbull Baby

This isn't recent, I mean, it is, but I didnt finish it today. It was a quick one of my doggie girl bunny. She was napping so cutely infront of me as I worked on the floor of my studio space. I was prepping a background for an unstretched canvas I havent started on yet.

I received some prints in the mail today. BrokeBot partner Aldo, ordered prints of some of my sketchbook pages, from moo online. And they look pretty awesome. They are a first draft/a trial run in a way. For first Friday. They look good, so I am inspired to digitally render further details for the next batch. It was so nice to see my pictures in print form.

Someone saw this painting of my dog I had made, on snapchat, and asked me how much to make one for them. I figured out my price and told them, but they never ended up following up. So if you want one, the price is $60. For watercolor sketch like this one. Paid  in full upfront. It would help if your dog or cat or any pet, was also sleeping, in the photo reference you send. Thanks. Does anyone use PayPal anymore? I do. But not in a long time. Email me; brokeneyeball [at] gmail [.] com 

Anyway, it was nice to check in. It had been a while. I will return another time, with another finished thing.