This Friday I have a 3rd Friday reception at the Lost Leaf! A fine local bar displaying my art for the month of May


Day of existance

No messing around. None shall be had.

Well. Im now at that point in my life, where i can look back at the past 10 years of my life and see my self to have changed.

Rampant aimlessness. Requested mediocreness. Fear of too much. No fears at all.

So, im nearly just obsessed.


Imported Post

This is a picture of a watercolor attempt with filter on it. Some fade mostly and a blue tint. Tomorrow I work, right about now is when I'll be going to sleep/bed. Working also on s website makeover, on the side. Practicing watercolor, I finally found my watercolor moleskine sketchbook tonight, I paired it with my new found limited knowledge of the media and came up with this. K bye. Happy holidays to u too.


The wind in animals' fur /feathers

There's no way to begin catching up. A self imposed reason to do so, and a lack of content to share (compared to only the best blog upate-er ever, of course, who no longer updates (blogspot) David Choe. By best, I mean, undescribably sort of intriguing, dirty mouthed, mostly fascinating, human, artist, hitchhiker, long posts king) make for, well I don't know what.  Great intro there. Anyway, I hear comparison is the thief of joy!

The inspiring and fascinating, Dave has a band now, since a few years ago, and I'm gonna go see them in November, during their first Phoenix show! Fab. Mangchi.

I think I add too many commas.

Today, was my second day driving a fourteen wheel truck! Most fun time I could ask for, at, what people refer to as, work. Third time behind the wheel, two sessions today.

As usual, I won't gush over the details.

A couple months ago, maybe even a few.., I started a to me, massive painting. It measures 40 by 60 inches! One inch off from being as tall as me! It's pretty secretive so far, I have a few things to finish on it, and I'll share the finished product.

First Friday this month, last week, was really great! And with some added funds from my new day job, this month has been super great. Late bills were paid, food was bought (gas is still shut off, rent still isnt paid) and some was reinvested into the funding of business stuff, and it's all nearly gone again. Things are looking up though, after what feels like this whole year of 2016 worth of bad artwalk months.  It's, been, bad.


I have a new sleeping schedule, my life is backwards from what I used to know. Instead of late nights awake till the sun comes up, I am now awake and in work mode often before the sun is even around.

This is great and fun, and completely bizarre. I must admit, I love the..uh, stability, the schedule and, having a boss who isn't just me. Next best thing though! Father, who he himself, is self employed.

I shall be completing that painting I mentioned, asap. It's only second week right now and I think I'm getting used to the job thing.

I look forward to not depending on my art for money actually, specifically my personal art. It really all gets warped when you are broke. It's been a good fun 8 years though. I love everything of course. The worst of times, are really the best! Think of all that GROWING!! How could I not be excited, it's a fine path I'm on. As a lovely lady working at a goodwill register told me before I got my cdl permit said, can't complain! She really did brighten up my drab day, for just engaging in small plensantries with her. I had gone to Mesa that afternoon, for nostalgia's sake, to take my test, but they set the cut off time early, due to lots of test takers and being understaffed.

HAHaHa.. Whatever, man. It's been a long while since I talked to myself in blog form, whatever this is called, not that that's of any importance.

That's about all I've been up to the past few months, today I ate at the very place where I got the motivation to help my dad out, at the work thing. Sixth day at work. Soon, I'll drive all on my own, and jam to loud music!


A good one, a nice heavy sigh of, it's not so bad. Life and living. The earth is nice to look at, people are plentiful with awe. And reflection of the self in one's own eyes and in others, just damn dandy. I just wanted illiterate there, no actual need for near swearing.

My phone got run over by the mail man vehicle today! It was exciting, at first I thought I left my, gifted-to-me, iphone in the truck. Got a phone app, to call my dad, and realized along with Aldo, that it just fell out with me as I hopped outta that truck. It survived (protective by the probably expensive glass over-the-glass that saved it, I'm 99% sure the screen is not actually cracked)! A quick inspection of the tire tracks and it's placement revealed, it was not in fact the fourteen wheeler, that ran over my phone, but just the mail delivery vehicle.

If you've seen my instagram and sc or whatever, you might have seen glimpses of my recent days of being out working. No worries. Sure, my paintings haven't been selling, or I haven't been making them easily available, or a combination of the two, but I am still painting. Like, till I die. If only for my eyes, or for whoever. They'll be made.

I just need to get it together. My room and living room/studio are a mess. All that's holding me together is this job. That's probably not true. But, fuck gosh, I've procrastinated a lot. I haven't cleaned out my woredrobe in like a decade, until last month. All I've worn is hand-me downs from my little sister. And things my dear momma finds for at garage sales :). Some cool finds and all,  but, hahhaha, damn.

I'm done here. I'll add some pictures for interest, and uh, probably never share this post.


It's been a nice time. I feel aware of my flaws, as well as all my wants. It's been very nice time. A bit this and that. I'm gonna start working a job. One that pays me. My self is the worse boss ever. Terrible wages.


"i made a blog post"

I will entitle this post "i made a blog post"
We form habits, we do things. We loose habits.
We grow. We try again. or something. I feel frustrated, a little overwhelmed. A bit depressed.


In the Shadows

Current stage of In the Shadows. I think it's finished. This image isn't quite representational of the original; I'm working on a print version of it, and this is where it is before further detailing is digitally added. I like her. I can still like her a little more though. So, I'm not calling it finished yet. as the quote goes... "Artwork is never finished, only abandoned".


Current painting is nearly finished

Here's where I am with this current painting. I like her quite a bit. this is as far as I can take it, I think, for it to be ready to be displayed this Friday. Perhaps I can do one last pass today, ...then let it dry as much as possible in front of the heater, add more glaze if needed for even sheen, and back to the heater. I've signed the painting, I like where it is. 
16 in by 16 in, oil paint on wood panel. nearly finished.
Looking forward to seeing how its received. Excited to have been invited to display a painting in this art show.


Latest Large Painting

A photo posted by Aldo Jeffrey (@champagnerobot) on

My friend did a better job of documenting my work than me. This is his picture, I figured I should definitely share it here, finally. It's to be noted that the friend I speak of, is also the other half of BrokeBot, my collaborative project/day-job. I've named this painting "The Extent" and I am so so happy with how it turned out. This size is amazing to work on, it's rewarding in a much different way than small pieces are.


Vast Emptiness wip

This isn't finished yet, its currently digital mixed media. Still a little ways to go, i'm not done till I love it. Working Title.
16in by 20in
I have finished the painting below. I just need to create a final image of it, so I can show it properly and nicely. Meanwhile though, my efforts have been focused on painting, and I have been painting plenty. Perhaps I can't say it's in an organized fashion, but at least I know its not. Not at the moment.
p.s. Check Instagram to see a glimpse at the finished version.


Instagram of Current Work on the Easel

24 by 30 inch canvas oil painting, stylized portrait of a made-up character
I'm quite happy with the results so far. I really look forward to finishing this painting. She will turn out good. I just know it.


Blue Haired Babe

Tried to go for a looser technique on this painting:) It's not my usual approach, but it was definitely fun to get into. I've already started plotting my next painting. As per usual though, I have a ton more on the back burner. I'll never run out of things to paint!:)

Oil, 16 by 20 inches, Canvas


Check it Out! I was recently interviewed!

It was posted about ten days ago. I was quite satisfied with my answers. It did not take 15 to write, hah, that was my initial goal about it. More like a challenge.


The Muse that Lingers

It is always awesome getting to see artwork that has sold as it hangs in its new home. and it's quite Double awesome when they are newly framed when you see them! "The Muse that Lingers" is shown below, this is a picture I borrowed from Mr Roqué Anderson. He popped her into this great frame he had, and they match so well! It's hard framing paintings, often I just can't afford to do it. So grateful for the support! ♥
The Muse that Lingers as photographed + framed by Roqué Anderson


The Muse that Lingers

I finished this painting a few days ago. And guess what?? She is sold!!! I am soo happy to say this. I really needed it this month. This painting is about the muse. That which drives you and inspires you to create something. About the idea that sometimes inspiration comes when you aren't the most ready for it, and sometimes the inspiration lingers around. Picking at you reminding you that there is something you need to do, Don't wait too long!

18 by 24 inches on hardboard, sold

[difficult time getting the colors to show up nicely, its okay-looking.


Homage to the Bunny

I made this based on a digital painting I made a long time ago, which was based off of the word homage, which was for illustration Friday, a website and community that provided a theme every week for all to interpret and share. It's not listed in my shop yet, but it will soon be varnished and probably displayed at the local art walk, where I have a monthly booth, First Fridays. Do you like this bunny as much as I do? I love him, and I think his magic trick is only fair!
16 by 20 inches on hardboard, oil painting available


Studio Shot

a straight up no filter or alteration picture of my easel area. This painting just needs a few things left on it to finish, something to cover her nudity, make it family friendly this time, and small details. Some glistens on the background somehow. Then my initials then a final varnish. Quite happy with it though. Oh yeah some glowing-ness to the hummingbird, too.

studio today, work in progress painting on the easel


I remembered to check out my painting through a mirror, and I think it looks better this way! Haha, ok not truly, but I do like it. I'm just gonna let it dry, I glazed an area, didn't even have to, but other than that and it not being signed yet, it's finished.


Drawing from today. Color; remnants of attempting to paint on copy paper, failed results elsewhere on page. 


BrokeBot Canvas Finished

Finally called this painting finished a couple nights ago. I am satisfied with it, and like it a lot more now than before. It needs only a signature, and a coat of varnish. Then it will be popped into my shop!


Recently Finished Paintings


approx. 4 by 6 inches on wood plaque, oil painting sold

approx. 4 by 6 inches on wood plaque, oil painting available

approx. 4 by 6 inches on wood, oil painting available

approx. 4 by 6 inches on wood, oil painting available



right now

Sever Year Absence

Today it's raining in the desert. This is the most water I have ever seen in this place. 

[to read jibber jabber and view 6 second video click on the time-stamp below]


Summer 2014 Oil Paintings work in progress

Only on livejournal. Here's these paintings I've been working on this month. So far I like what I'm doing, but I'm not all finished with them. First pass!


First week of June

18 by 24 inches, oil paint on mounted hardboard, wip
This is a painting in progress & currently on the easel. It still needs a bit more work, but I thought I'd share what I'm currently working on. I'll write about it's meaning when it's finished. Oil on 18 x 24 x 1 inch hardboard panel. 


Painting from Life

6 by 8 inches, oil paint on canvas board, private collection
I have a little easel box that I bought for sixty dollars, I don't remember when, every so often I use it to paint something from life.



16x20 inches, oil on canvas


This is a painting I started a long time ago. Over 4 years ago probably. I had a lot of trouble with it, I used to just start paintings without planning much. I would sketch it onto the canvas entirely free hand, just from an idea in my head or from a much smaller sketch, that I probably didn't even have nearby. This made for more of a mess that needs saving than a straightforward painting. Nowadays I have a better method with less room for mistakes. But I still end up doing small paintovers every so often. After a while I finally came around and just had to finish it; it doesn't feel good to have pieces in progress for so long. After a lot of alterations, fixes, paintovers, and years, she's finished! Just under a month ago, and I am quite happy with the results.


Untitled Paintings

approx. 4 by 8 inches on wood, oil painting sold

6 by 8 inches wood plaque, oil painting sold
Both of these were painted using only French Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, & Titanium White. One of the images is a scan, and the other is from a photo after the cut. I might update the first image, above, later with one that looks a little smoother. I love both of these girls. I'm glad others out there did too.


Sam of Secret Island

This is Sam. An individual who resides in Secret Island. A place outside of regular society where those who wish to frolic as they please, may do so. Where no one is judged, and no is watching what anyone is doing, where one may seek adventure with fellow humans or to find peace in solitude amongst the green of nature, and of love, life, and of creatures and wanderers. 

6 by 8 inches on wood plaque, sold


Scottsdale Times Newspaper September 2012

Someone saw my two paintings at Method Space art gallery, and they ended up choosing me for their Artist's Spotlight for their September issue of the Scottsdale Times! 
I was interviewed via email. My first time in a newspaper! Check it out!:D

Casual Feelings