"Detached"  Oil on canvas, 6 by 8 inches
I am really happy with this painting. It took me a while to finish. It started as just.. paint doodling basically. It went through a couple phases, was left untouched for some years picked up again and then left again. I guess I wasn't quite feeling it. Turned out to sort of be a BrokeBot piece, because Aldo helped me with the direction it has now. I got the canvas at Az Art Supply, and added gesso layers, sanded them and repeated to get a smoother surface. I then painted many layers of oil paint. I was still learning to paint when I started it, well I still am, but I was less good then. I love it now so much. I almost don't want to part with it. I like everything about it. Even though someone pointed out it looked like sperm (to them)! Unfortunately, I didn't reply to the comment though I didn't know what to say... haha. It's not yet listed in my shop, but if you're interested in it just comment below! :)



[Edit: added image above. It's a portrait of June Carter]

Several months ago I was asked if I wanted to illustrate a poem, it was for a local literary magazine called Four Chambers. After thinking about it and reviewing the poem, I agreed to the commission and produced this.
I'll update with the final low res file later. On the left is a print of my illo they sent me along with my copy of issue 2 of Four Chambers on the right. Glad they liked it!


Picture from 48 hours ago.
From my Instagram feed.
I just watched the movie Paris, Je T'aime and I quite liked it.


A closeup of what's on the easel today

I've been working on this painting off and on for over a year. It showed at a gallery while it was in a monochromatic/sepia/3 color state. Been now adding color, and hoping to finish it as soon as possible.


I remembered to check out my painting through a mirror, and I think it looks better this way! Haha, ok not truly, but I do like it. I'm just gonna let it dry, I glazed an area, didn't even have to, but other than that and it not being signed yet, it's finished.

MADE Art Boutique

So, here is a couple pictures I took a while ago, of my items as displayed at this very cool local shop, MADE. The display actually looks different right now, but I haven't snapped a new picture in a while. In their courtyard is where I set up our #BrokeBot booth every First Friday. So grateful. 


Where the paints get mixed



Almost finished

Rabbit needs some face details


Drawing from today. Color; remnants of attempting to paint on copy paper, failed results elsewhere on page. 


Best night in months! #FirstFriday

Finally summer is ending and the cool months have started. Had a pretty good turnout last night at the local monthly artwalk, nice amount of sales at the end of the night. So glad it's the Saturday after, ready to get back started on work in the next couple days. Hurray! for earning money for bills! and rent too hopefully. This picture only shows about a third of our entire booth area.


Headed out soon. To October First Friday. Wish us good luck universe!

Timelapse of "Cecilia Deals with Growth"

While making this painting, which I posted a few days ago in instagram form, I took a lot of photos, to document it's progress. My kind friend Aldo, compiled it together for me. & these were his results! I didn't know you could upload videos to blogger using a search youtube feature. Kinda neat. 


What I'm Working on Now

I hope to finish it this month, as sooon as possible! Started it a couple months ago, and worked on it for a couple weeks. Then I glazed in some color, and let it dry. Now I just need some details, change/fix a few things before calling it finished. I have many other works that I want to work on and finish. 

BrokeBot Canvas Finished

Finally called this painting finished a couple nights ago. I am satisfied with it, and like it a lot more now than before. It needs only a signature, and a coat of varnish. Then it will be popped into my shop!


I know no one is really looking here, or anywhere where I have posted, but I kinda want to consolidate all my blogs posts to a single blog., or to the url where everything has been pointing. but, I love here so much.


Cecilia Deals with Growth

Instagram picture of another painting from last fall. Painted using only French Ultramarine, Titanium White, and Burnt Umber. She was displayed at a local gallery {9}, and sold opening night! I'll post better pictures of her later on some time. I was really happy with how she came out, working on a colored print version of her, slowly but surely.

Just Paint A lot

I must admit, I stopped blogging here seven years ago, I only came back 2 months ago (Recently imported posts from 2007 and prior, and are now combined with posts from 2008 to 2013). During that time, from which I left my first blog (and later started this blog, 2008), I started: a livejournal (or two, only one survives) another blog on blogger, and another one for daily drawings that lasted less than a year, a tumblr (first for inspiration) then another tumblr for my art, and finally a wordpress (to import old xanga posts + the various mentioned places), and well there might be a couple others, that weren't specifically about my own art images. Well now I'd like to cut back. Currently I don't have an official website, my url ( carolroque.com ) links to my tumblr which uses tags to create sections, and it's not too bad for now. It doesn't feel great though, it has a lot of work in progress shots, etc. Yes, cutting back would be great, can't bare to delete the old places though. My solution shall be to solely link here, as my one blog. Which is obvious perhaps, but I just wanted to say all this, a sort of confession as to the mess I have created for myself, of constantly wanting to change where I keep my work. I have always had this habit, I think it comes from moving a lot as a child. Anyway, here I am. I will try to thrive solely here. with, posts of art in progress and finished things, and hope to eventually get a proper website containing only my best finished work. This is all background to my main goal, which is always to just paint a lot. Reason I love blogging/posting though is because some of my work takes  a long time to complete, and posting helps me during those times when I just haven't finished a painting yet. Ok, confession over. Whether that makes sense or not, I'm out.

Digital over oils

This is where I ended with this particular piece. I'd like to call it a remastered version of the original,
they are pretty similar. This one has refined details and color was added to it. I don't have a title for her.


Pencil drawing

At the beginning of this year I was drawing everyday, until I stopped. This is a favorite that came out of that. I think I will try drawing my surroundings more, when I'm at places other than home.


progress here

just a few more details needed..and pondering whether to add rain drops or not. Then I'll finally get to move on to something else.


This is from a few months ago. She's finished now.

2013 | Untitled sold painting

This is another 3 color painting I made, I miss her.

Painting from Life

The month I painted this, I stayed home because I was probably contagious to go paint in public (at the Lost Leaf for Anti-Art School). Wasn't too sick to paint though. So I painted the view of my easel  after I had just painted this doll head, and had other works on the easel too. Was satisfied with my results.

Old fashioned ball point pen doodle

One time, I found this discarded envelope in the house, with a golden tone to it whatever you call it, I had to draw on it.

Pushing paint around

Just called it quits on this for tonight. Such slow progress this month, but at least it's progress.

Painting from Life

Back when I had two roommates, I painted them while they played a card came together. This didn't come out accurate in perspective or sizes not quite, but it's how it came out. How my brain and hand worked together to interpret my view. I think it came out quite cute.


From my sketchbook

I'll update the image later, a proper scan. I like this drawing

Often seem to be torn, now that I'm posting here again, between sharing old things and only new things. I have plenty of things I have made throughout these past years, but I so wish I could only post new things like before. New drawings, new this new that. But now my work takes a while to complete. Or, I'm lazy to get my scanner, or have scanned stuff but am lazy to make the files low resolution, or I realize posting here can't be a great priority if I am to actually finish and produce new work. I suppose no one is looking here, so it should be mostly about what I want my archives to look like.

Okay, Must focus now

Today isn't Friday at all! Haha

Canvas I've been working on

Sometimes I'm not good with words. So I write and delete and repeat. This is a picture of what I left on my easel tonight. I am now currently in bed. When I work on this again (probably tomorrow) I hope to add some sunflowers and more details. Can't believe it's already Friday.

I've always been a self conscious person

so much so, that I've developed a habit. I'm kidding, well maybe not, but this painting was about vices in general, not one I have. Promise. I just wanted to post this picture. any picture really, I mean mostly just something I have made, or something from my folders of things I've made, that I can find, and that is already sized for the web. I want to be less self consious, this has been something I've been trying to accomplish for so many years. I am way closer now than ever. Of course. But, well, habits die hard, and I still have to work on it.

An Exaggeration

I must have made this while I dated some guy, in the past. Not too bad for a hand sketch. Seriously though, probably like 8 years ago.

getting work done is so hard. a challenge. I know this. but still.


One of my favorite drawings I've made




Right Now

I'm working on this little painting. been at it on this one for a while off an on. I hope to finish it soon.


It's so hard to work hard.


Recently Finished Paintings


That's my painting as the cover art on a book of poems!

Someone has chosen my painting as the cover art for their new book of poems! "Slippery" on | "The Existentialist Cookbook" by Shawnte Orion.

Detached | Finished a few months ago

Is the picture attatched?

Results for the Night - click to enlarge

painting and searching

getting my feet wet. on something else. still searching and messin'

stopping point
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