Cecilia Deals with Growth

Instagram picture of another painting from last fall. Painted using only French Ultramarine, Titanium White, and Burnt Umber. She was displayed at a local gallery {9}, and sold opening night! I'll post better pictures of her later on some time. I was really happy with how she came out, working on a colored print version of her, slowly but surely.

Just Paint A lot

I must admit, I stopped blogging here seven years ago, I only came back 2 months ago. During that time I started: a livejournal (or two, only one survives) another blog on blogger, and another one for daily drawings that lasted less than a year, a tumblr (first for inspiration) then another tumblr for my art, and finally a wordpress (to import old xanga posts + the various mentioned places), and well there might be a couple others, that weren't specifically about my own art images. Well now I'd like to cut back. Currently I don't have an official website, my url ( carolroque.com ) links to my tumblr which uses tags to create sections, and it's not too bad for now. It doesn't feel great though, it has a lot of work in progress shots, etc. Yes, cutting back would be great, can't bare to delete the old places though. My solution shall be to solely link here, as my one blog. Which is obvious perhaps, but I just wanted to say all this, a sort of confession as to the mess I have created for myself, of constantly wanting to change where I keep my work. I have always had this habit, I think it comes from moving a lot as a child. Anyway, here I am. I will try to thrive solely here. with, posts of art in progress and finished things, and hope to eventually get a proper website containing only my best finished work. This is all background to my main goal, which is always to just paint a lot. Reason I love blogging/posting though is because some of my work takes  a long time to complete, and posting helps me during those times when I just haven't finished a painting yet. Ok, confession over. I'm out.

Digital over oils

This is where I ended with this particular piece. I'd like to call it a remastered version of the original,

they are pretty similar. This one has refined details and color was added to it. I don't have a title for her.


Pencil drawing

At the beginning of this year I was drawing everyday, until I stopped. This is a favorite that came out of that. I think I will try drawing my surroundings more, when I'm at places other than home.


progress here

just a few more details needed..and pondering whether to add rain drops or not. Then I'll finally get to move on to something else.


This is from a few months ago. She's finished now.

2013 | Untitled sold painting

This is another 3 color painting I made, I miss her.

Painting from Life

The month I painted this, I stayed home because I was probably contagious to go paint in public (at the Lost Leaf for Anti-Art School). Wasn't too sick to paint though. So I painted the view of my easel  after I had just painted this doll head, and had other works on the easel too. Was satisfied with my results.

Old fashioned ball point pen doodle

One time, I found this discarded envelope in the house, with a golden tone to it whatever you call it, I had to draw on it.

Pushing paint around

Just called it quits on this for tonight. Such slow progress this month, but at least it's progress.

Painting from Life

Back when I had two roommates, I painted them while they played a card came together. This didn't come out accurate in perspective or sizes not quite, but it's how it came out. How my brain and hand worked together to interpret my view. I think it came out quite cute.


From my sketchbook


I'll update the image later, a proper scan. I like this drawing

Often seem to be torn, now that I'm posting on this blog again, between sharing old things and only new things. I have plenty of things I have made throughout these past years, but I so wish I could only post new things like before. New drawings, new this new that. But now my work takes a while to complete. Or, I'm lazy to get my scanner, or have scanned stuff but am lazy to make the files low resolution, or I realize posting here can't be a great priority if I am to actually finish and produce new work. I suppose no one is looking here, so it should be mostly about what I want my archives to look like.

Okay, Must focus now

Today isn't Friday at all! Haha

Canvas I've been working on

Sometimes I'm not good with words. So I write and delete and repeat. This is a picture of what I left on my easel tonight. I am now currently in bed. When I work on this again (probably tomorrow) I hope to add some sunflowers and more details. Can't believe it's already Friday.

On the Easel

Sometimes I'm not good with words. I was going to call this a blind painting, because when it was started it had no notion of what it was going to turn into. But that sounded like it didn't make sense, so I thought I shouldn't actually say that. But now it sounds less bad. It's one of those paintings that begin one way, has no direction for a while, is developed a little more and then boom! It gets a direction.

I've always been a self conscious person

so much so, that I've developed a habit. I'm kidding, well maybe not, but this painting was about vices in general, not one I have. Promise. I just wanted to post this picture. any picture really, I mean mostly just something I have made, or something from my folders of things I've made, that I can find, and that is already sized for the web. I want to be less self consious, this has been something I've been trying to accomplish for so many years. I am way closer now than ever. Of course. But, well, habits die hard, and I still have to work on it. 

An Exaggeration

I must have made this while I dated some guy, in the past. Not too bad for a hand sketch. Seriously though, probably like 8 years ago.

getting work done is so hard. a challenge. I know this. but still.


digital | WIP stuff

ill later link to an image.. it was painted like 8 years ago, who knows.. i saved it off an old blog.. not this one, my Herbrokeneyeball(.blogspot.com) one, posted just as long ago. it was so bad looking. But, I just got the itch to re do it. Attempt to paint something good out of it. today:

These are a couple paintings from last month or so.. when I was working on these four little paintings. On wooden plaques. they are sitting on top of a canvas pad in the picture below. I was doing a test of mixing colors, and some glazing research was gonna happen too. I removed some colors, recently, from my palette/ usual set of paints I use. Keeping it simple. Five colors i believe,..and, well mixing all my colors from that. I'm off a little, I need a new yellow, realized I have a different one than the one I need.


One of my favorite drawings I've made




2010 | Bunny Won't Play with Me Anymore...

It's just something I wanted to paint. A stuffed animal rabbit, ripped open, with red all over it. And scissors, and a girl. The week I painted this I was "suffering" from bad asthma during my peak allergy inducing season  with no health insurance, or doctor.


Right Now

working on this rn


It's so hard to work hard.


Recently Finished Paintings


Painting and Not Sharing Yet

Gosh, Hi Blog. So I recently got into posting in my livejournal again. Uber secluded over there, but I like it. I posted pictures of what I worked on in July this year. I am now gonna put the final touches on these four wooden plaques, and I should be sharing them very soon. I was hoping to do all of this within one month but that's just for me. This time last month, I had just started the first one. Now I have to make sure to finish what I started. Down to the end! First Friday always gets in the way of painting progress for a few days. 
Here's a picture I took of one of my current paintings, while it received some sunlight from the setting sun. It's something I started a few years ago and finally finished earlier this year.
"Slippery When Wet" 18x24" This is another painting I haven't fully/ officially shared anywhere yet. It's coming soon! 


More Homage.. Progress

Just a few more passes and this painting should be done! I'm not sure how I'll treat the sides yet, but I definitely am happy with how this painting has been coming along.



Oil painting in progress

This is another painting I'm working on. Painted over an older painting (that wasn't working out anymore), but this one I'm really loving. It's based on a digital painting I made five or six years ago. This measures approximately 16 x 20 x 2 inches. I've been hoping to finish this one in about a week, but I'm cutting it close now. Painting in details right now. Pushing through! It's hard work! 

Also, if anyone reads this, you might have some interest in checking out my newly improved flickr account. I've updated some images with actually scans and hid a lot of mediocre progress shorts from throughout the years, making for a nice archive of my stuff. I like it.



On the Easel || First week of June

This is a painting in progress & currently on the easel. It still needs a bit more work, but I thought I'd share what I'm currently working on. I'll write about it's meaning when it's finished. Oil on 18 x 24 x 1 inch hardboard panel. 



Paintings, Dolls, & Love of those things

Today I took time to work on a doll. It was Saturday, I even had a nap. I only attached the arms to her body & painted the inside of her ears pink, the pink that comes from Cadmium Red and Titanium white. I didn't paint anything else today. But one day off isn't bad. I've been posting finished paintings here recently; a couple recent ones and a few from the past few years. This also isn't a recent picture, but it is from this year. One day, I was a bit sick, it was a Tuesday, the one when the Anti Art School sets up a model at the Lost Leaf down town, but I just couldn't make it. I did paint though. I had just finished painting the face on this doll head, and I thought it looked nice. So that's what I painted. On the left side you can see a part of another painting I recently finished, over a month ago or so. It's oval, so, I've been lazy to finalize an image of it, but I do have it scanned. I'll share it soon. It came out quite good I thought. It's currently hanging at SideBar. In the picture is the doll head of the doll whose arms and ears I painted earlier this evening. I'll share her when she's done. I love painting in my easel box, I got it with the idea that I will only use it to paint from life. I love it.
Painting of part of a OOAK Doll to come



Hidden Places

This painting came from a small sketch of an interior where a boy is taking off his rabbit suit right next his girlfriend who is laying naked in her bed. However, as I took this idea from a sketch into a painting, I saw it would be difficult to figure out the perspective of the boy in the middle of the room since the perspective is from such a high angle above them. So I changed it's composition. Now he was silhouetted and walking down stairs, blending into the foreground and now the focus was on the girl. This piece was completed around the very first days of 2011.

When one's life has become predictable & monotonous one should conclude that doing something unexpected is necessary! That's the idea I had for this painting. This depicts the moment of anticipation...where the outcome is unknown. Will they burst into laughter together because they are in happy loving moods or could there be an awkward silence because they are feeling awkward?  Also, to me, it's about experimenting with Control; instead of giving in to monotony she does something entirely different from the norm, changing the pace of her present moments. I intended her expression to show a hint of fear of the unknown because that's a very real feeling, one I can relate to. I would have added more excitement in her expression though, had I known I'd receive a lot of odd responses (I showed it to the public via art walk when it was finished). It was entertaining to hear the variety of things said about Hidden Places, but also a bit unsettling that so many were reminded of negative things in their lives because of it, or so they said. It's just a painting though, so truly, I regret nothing! What do you think of this painting?
16x20 inches, oil on hardboard panel, 2011
handmade doll, a lamp I own, hidden treasures inside a drawer

behind the scenes, a moment between a couple you'd never see



Truths Revealed

Truths Revealed is a painting that was completed and sold in fall 2011, 8X10 inch prints are available in my shop. It was a follow up, in my mind to Hidden Places. I intended this painting to have a different feeling from Hidden Places yet exist in the same world. I wanted the girl to seem like she has things under control and isn't phased by much. Where in Hidden Places, I attempted to express the girl as experimenting with control yet feeling uneasy or unsure about it. In Truths Revealed as you can see, there is a lot going on. I tried to hide a lot of things in it that are call backs or refer to things I've painted before. The bunny eared guy, the big mice (mice sounds nicer than rats), and the hamster-bunnies (in the glass cubes). There's a shadow of a figure on the floor, implying someone else in the room that perhaps just arrived. Her expression is supposed to convey that she is not phased and/or doesn't care. The guy's expression is supposed to be that of wonder or curiosity for what will happen next. This painting started from a sketch in a sketchbook.
16x20 inches, oil on hardboard panel, 2011
feeding carrots to rodents
coin operated boy or former resident of Secret Island



It Just Slipped Out

This is something from 2011. At the time I was experimenting frequently for a few weeks with mixed media. It's a fun outlet for me after being focused on oil paintings for a long time, for a show or just self imposed deadlines. This one felt so effortless, I wanted to recreate that feeling and kept trying, but I'm convinced none of the pieces were as good as this one, to me. Below you will see the results of an afternoon I had with mixed media, it's one of my favorite things that came from that time. 
Under that you will see another image, a piece from 2012 made with Aldo. Our finished BrokeBot collab, It Just Slipped Out. We took my version, scanned it into the computer, and worked on it from there. We take turns until we are happy with the results. Prints are available in my shop.
watercolor, graphite, ink, & spraypaint on illus board

digital mixed media print collaboration with Aldo Jeffrey




This is a painting I started a long time ago. Over 4 years ago probably. I had a lot of trouble with it, I used to just start paintings without planning much. I would sketch it onto the canvas entirely free hand, just from an idea in my head or from a much smaller sketch, that I probably didn't even have nearby. This made for more of a mess that needs saving than a straightforward painting. Nowadays I have a better method with less room for mistakes. But I still end up doing small paintovers every so often. After a while I finally came around and just had to finish it; it doesn't feel good to have pieces in progress for so long. After a lot of alterations, fixes, paintovers, and years, she's finished! Just under a month ago, and I am quite happy with the results. 
16x20 inches, oil on canvas





Here is a painting I recently finished, it's small enough that I could easily scan it. It started as only eyes, nose, and a mouth on this toned background. After it sat around for a while, I finally picked up the panel and tried to picture a way to finish it, my roommate saw what I was doing and said "how bout a cosmonaut?" I smiled, and thought Perfect! So I went forth, and came up with this.
9x12 inches, oil and charcoal on hardboard panel



He vuelto

I have decided. To let go, after deleting/reverting to draft many posts on this blog. I have decided to be active here again. I think there is something about blogger, that I can't get anywhere else. I love switching to new things. I love starting new things. I attribute that to moving around so much as a child. I attended so many elementary schools. I don't even want to count. So for me to come back and reuse this, is where the letting go comes in.
I have started several blogs throughout the years (livejournal and tumblr, as well as on blogger). My first one, that felt official and cool was here on blogger. The url has now changed and its something like.. cr-olderposts (link).. on blogspot.com. It's first posts might date as far back as 2005.. and has its own charm, being from so long ago. This one here, well, like I said, tonight, and through the years, I have removed so many of the original posts. It gets so messy when one just spontaneously posts bad photos and rants. I think that's okay though. Plus what's done is done. As a youngling, all my life, I filled lined notebooks with doodles and things I wanted to draw.. a year or two later I'd look at what I had come up with, and decided it was no good. I'd rip pages out, or just threw it all out. Or perhaps even stuffed them under my mattress.. and we'd eventually move and my mom would just throw some of my things out without consulting me. I don't know exactly what happened with those notebooks, but I really really wish I still had them. Can't undo that though. Now with the internet, it's pretty cool to be able to look back at old posts. Now I just hope to keep my cool and post proper photos, good scans, and good words to go along.. 
On that note, I'll just stop typing now, and hope to return soon with a cool picture of painting or something.



Painting in Progress

This is study in progress. It began as a thumbnail in one of my sketchbooks. I'd like to consider it for a painting. I like painting vague scenes that would hopefully leave the viewer creating stories of their own to explain what's going on. I myself haven't unraveled her story yet, that seems to come later in the process for me. ..Though in the mirror on the wall there is a reflection of a figure in bunny ears, which in a way is a call back to a painting I made a couple years ago. I tend to lag on the posting of things, so I'm pretty sure it can't be found here, but the painting I'm referring to is called Truths Revealed. & I was so lucky to have it sell. Quickly after I finished it too! 
Untitled - Stella in a Couch
computer painting in progress



Commissioned Handmade Doll

A friend of mine asked me to make him a doll, as a gift for his girlfriend. Pretty sweet! She's the most detailed doll I have made. I want to make more tiny purses now! To include with any future dolls I make. Though they are becoming more and more rare. I have less and less time to dedicate towards them, I have a lot of fun creating them, but ultimately I don't actually want to be a doll maker, I just can't resist it sometimes. It's fun when they sell, fun that someone might love them and keep them. 
OOAK hand made doll



Portrait of Jiminy Blue

An original painting I finished 2010. Finally back to home base from a show of mini paintings. More portraits to come!

Size: 5 in x5 in x 1 in
Medium: Oil on wood
He's listed in my shop sold!



Red-haired Camera Girl

I recently remastered this piece here.
The original was watercolor and ink on paper. I wasn't terribly satisfied with the results. Below you can see the results of my hand with a computer on it.
Untitled - Camera Girl