my mind: while preparing for painting mode..

reflecting on two finalized paintings i have hanging on my wall..
I can think about the methods i used to paint each of them. and the outcome. I'm looking at my Naked Girl in Bedroom painting, and my Bunny Wont Play With Me Anymore.., painting. the first one, i have to add a final glaze to, and come up with a fitting -real Tittle.

I haven't shared it yet, I'm waiting to really Finalize all of it, and for the right time. I dont want to rush it. fyi..its been a year almost spent on that piece, not continually..but still. That one i did many many layers on..and started from black and white, it has much depth!!! I love it! I think with good training and dedication, I can shorten that time a lot. The painting next to it, with the dead stuffed animal bunny, is much flatter. Finished almost entirely within 1 week, painted straight finishing areas in the first painting sitting.. i was quite proud of it. But looking at the two techniques, I think my work and ideas deserve that extra time spent on a black and white underlayer. It turns out quite good. this is the first painting, where i really kept that technique in focus.

Either painting method still requires me to be in the right mood for it though.. the right setting. Which is understandable- i wont force myself into painting if i dont want, meanwhile i will continue to do other productive things. Ive been writing down ideas for paintings, and started quickly sketching some out. Trying to pick which painting I want to tackle next. first. I have 2 other paintings that I want to finish by the end of the year..that i started during summer or sometime. I want to start a new batch of paintings soon, many at a time..progressing each painting together and individually.

I want all of my new work to each be really well done. I dont want to be too quick with my work anymore. I think I have my methods down. I feel good :)


  1. I love when you write about the process/thoughts behind your work! I think it's so incredibly interesting to read about how things came together & what your opinions are of your own completed things.

  2. I'm not a visual artist, but I enjoy learning about the process of creating visual art, both the technical as well as stylistic. I read this post before I saw "Little Pink Bear Boy" and looked down to try to find some of your work. This post assured me that you are passionate and dedicated.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your work and process and of course seeing more of your pieces! I wish I could buy some of your work (maybe in the future) and I hope many art lovers find you and that you find them.

  3. thank you very very much!! for your feedback. even though its taken me a while to reply.

    Denise: thanks! I am so glad to hear that you find it interesting to read (: good to know someone reads things I write! & I do enjoy putting some of my thoughts to words that I can share..like that. helps clear things up a bit.

    Ms. Loveable_homebody: thanks so much for your very kind words! its so encouraging to hear such good things. it helps me think I'm going in the right direction (: thank you.